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A truely unique spirit crafted especially to be paired with our age-yourself American Oak Barrels. What makes this so special is that you get to decide how long to age your spirit for, giving you complete control over the final taste


We create limited release single-batch spirits in preparation to age your own barrel, this will give you a rich and distinct flavour with notes of vanilla and mild smokey honey once aged in accordance with our ageing guide.


Our grain is crushed, malted, fermented and copper pot distilled at our distillery located in Geelong, Australia. 

Distilled Spirit 700ml

SKU: DS-Barrel01
Expected end of April
  • Malted Barley Base   |   

    55%  Alc/Vol   |   700ml

  • We are currently offering collection from the Picadilly Market or Local Drop off as our shipping options. 

    We endeavour to include a shipping option through Australia Post as soon as possible

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